Saturday, March 26, 2011

Speaking Dog: The Basics Pt. 3

"The Gangsta"
Dogs have different personalities. Okay, so you got a purebred, and the standard description for his breed indicates that he will be friendly, playful, eager to please, quiet, and love children. Dogs are bred for certain personality traits, but that doesn't mean there isn't variation among them (thank you Mr. Darwin). Expecting your dog to live up to that kind of standard is unrealistic and unfair to him, not to mention disappointing for you. Embrace his quirks and/or flaws! 

Moreover, not every dog can be trained the same way because his unique personality may have him respond differently to a particular disciplinary action. Dogs who are more sensitive or skittish (like Leo) might do better with a time-out rather than physical correction. Learning about who your dog is, not just as a pet, but as another soul is one of the most rewarding parts of being an owner. Applying his little personality nuances to your interactions with him will make it that much more fun! :)

"The Snugglebug"

"Miss Independent"
"The Rebel"




"The Princess"

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